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About Kanker

Kanker the administrative headquarter of Kanker District is located extacly between Raipur and Jagdalpur cities, two of the most important and well developed cities of Chhattisgarh state. Kanker own importance though in economic terms is very minimal, as city even today continues to grapple with lack of economic development. However, this seemingly poor city boosts amazingly rich history and is also home to some scenic tourist destinations. More about this and exhaustive information about other important as aspects like health, local transportation, economy etc have been provided below section.

About Kanker
Kanker Palace

History of Kanker

Kanker city’s history is indeed fortunate to be dating back to the era of Mahabharata and Ramayana, two of India’s timeless religious epics. Although there is no mention in any religious scripture that Pandava brothers or Lord Rama had spent any time here, but what is certainly known is that Kanker was known as Dandakaranya during India’s glorious ancient era. Another known fact is that during ancient period this region was immensely popular with rishis (monks), who came here from across India to practice meditation. This region therefore in ancient India came to be known as ‘land of rishis’. Kanker region holds the distinction of being ruled by many small indigenous empires like Som Dynasty, Kandra Dynasty, Chandra Dynasty. These empires being largely indigenous, they are relatively unknown and unpopular among readers of Indian history. This said, they have surely entrenched a place of great respect in Kanker’s glorious history.

Economy of Kanker

Economy of KankerKanker’s economy is completely dependent on agriculture for its sustenance. Agricultural sector though suffers from low productivity, not owing to scanty rainfalls but to infrastructure deficiencies. This said, agricultural sector offers livelihood and employment to almost entire population of Kanker District. Overdependence on agriculture also clearly implies that there is generally lack of other alternative occupations or sectors to generate massive employment here. As for what are the main crops produced here, then rice or paddy is the main crop here, followed by wheat, sugar cane, chana, Kodo, Moong, Tilli and bhutta crops. Among horticulture crops Mango and Banana are grown in huge quantity here.

As for industries are concerned, then it must be amply clear from above paragraph that very limited number of industries and factories operate in Kanker city and its adjoining town. However, decent number of factories and industries do operate in other parts of Kanker District, but their decent numbers don’t add much to employment and revenue. To be more specific about industrial profile of Kanker region, then most of the operating small scale industries belong to agro based, Ready-made garments & embroidery, wooden based furniture, paper and metal based industries.

Healthcare Services in Kanker

Kanker’s healthcare services are still at a stage where it has to make up for lot of ground to offer really efficient healthcare services to its citizens. This is actually to say that existing services are just way below par. With just decent number of hospitals and good number of chemist shops to show, this is the only conclusion that can be arrived at. Speaking specifically about quality of existing hospitals, then they surely can’t be compared with ultra modern super specialty or multi specialty hospitals. This said, their infrastructure is still good enough to perform all types of general operations and general surgeries. Besides, decent numbers of pathological labs are also available in and around Kanker city. They are obviously one of the important pillars of Kanker’s healthcare services, but again most of labs surely need to improve and modernize their existing facilities.

Transport in Kanker

Transportation services in Kanker city is satisfactory. Be its local transportation or be its connectivity. Starting with local transportation, then decent number of auto rickshaws plying in the city are the only option that is there for all the locals as well as visiting tourists. With no available alternative to auto rickshaws, which as we already said are plying in very limited numbers, does cause immense inconvenience to commuters.As far as connectivity is concerned, then Kanker city is directly connected only via road with rest of Chhattisgarh state. This is to say that there is no railway station or airport in Kanker city or for that matter in entire Kanker District. The nearest railway station or airport is Raipur station and Raipur Airport – located obviously in capital city of Raipur. Regular private coaches and cabs regularly ply between these two cities.

Tourism in Kanker

Kanker region is home to many scenic tourists destinations, which though may not be very popular outside Kanker District, but are quite beautiful enough to draw tourists from far across. Below is brief summary of all the famous tourist destinations of Kanker region.

Profile of Kanker
Shivani Temple

Shivani Temple: This is unarguably the most famous and sacred temple of Kanker city. What makes it sacred is unique goddesses deity presiding here, which actually is combination of two Goddess: Kali Maa and Durga Maa. Only two temples in India have such unique deities. The one is located in Kolkata and other being this very temple located in the very heart of Kanker city. Therefore it is apt to say that this temple is not just one of the most auspicious temples in Kanker city alone, but is indeed one of the most auspicious temples in all of India.

Kanker Palace:
Constructed during medieval era, today this exotic looking palace operates as a heritage hotel. But irrespective of whether you want to stay in this heritage hotel or not, you ought to visit it only to have a look at it. Because it’s pristine architectural beauty combined with lush green sourrounding makes it one of the exotic palaces of Chhattisgarh state.

Malanjhkudum Waterfalls: Malanjhkudum Waterfalls actually constitute of not one or two but three beautiful waterfalls. All three of them are located on a small local mountain, located some 15 kms away from Kanker city. These waterfalls have been popular among locals of Kanker city since time immemorial. The fact that three waterfalls are located in one place is sufficient reason to draw them.

Gadiya Mountain: This is a historical mountain fort that holds immense historical value for Kanker. Partly because it is the only surviving fort in entire Kanker District. But true specialty of this fort being a small unique well and two caves of immense historical importance. Speaking specifically about well, then unique thing about it is that it never ever gets dried – not even during summer season.

Charre-Marre Water fall: Located in a very small village of Charre-Marre village, near Antagarh town, this waterfall is as beautiful as Malanjhkudum Waterfall. This waterfall obviously gets its name from its native village. Despite its remote location from Kanker city, it is one of the most visited picnic spot of Kanker District. This is sufficient to tell how beautiful this waterfall must be.

Culture of Kanker

Tribals of Kanker region have proficient skills for making exotic handicraft products. Although this traditional art has not been commercially exploited, and therefore Kanker still lags behind in India’s handicraft industry. However, this glaring fact cannot take away the fact that Kanker’s handicraft products are beautiful enough to standout among handicraft products of other Indian regions. As for which are the most sought after handicraft products of Kanker, then these are wood-carvings, bell-metal items, terracota items, bamboo items etc.

Kanker at a glance

District: Kanker
State: Chhattisgarh
Country: India
Location: 20.27°N 81.49°E
Elevation: 388 m (1,273 ft)
• Official Hindi, Chhattisgarhi
PIN: 494 334
Telephone code: 91 7868

  • E-mail

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