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Kanker Tourism

Tourism in Kanker takes you into unchartered territory of wondrous nature and mystical world of tribal culture. As unique as this experience may sound, Kanker tourism sector unfortunately though is yet to fulfill its untapped potential. The reasons for this are many. Here though we won’t dwell on these reasons. Instead we’ll shed light on all the celebrated tourist destinations of Kanker city. As you’ll go through each of these tourist destinations, you too will realize the immense tourism potential that this city holds.

Kanker Tourism
Kanker Palace

Helplines and Important Contact Numbers

Chhattisgarh Tourism Board
Paryatan Bhawan,
G. E. Road, Vishal Nagar,
Raipur - 492 006 , Chhattisgarh- India
Phone : +91 771 4028635, 4028636,
Fax: +91 771 4066425

Popular Tourist Spots In and Around Kanker

Kanker Palace

The first in our list is immensely famous Kanker Palace. This exotic looking palace was once official residence of serving British officers, but since many decades it has been operating as a luxurious hotel. This palace though is so good looking that even people, who don’t book accommodation here, come all the way to enjoy its scenic view. This fact should be sufficient to tell you how beautiful and good looking this palace is. And in case if you go ahead and book a room here, then it would be even better. Because this hotel offers many tour packages, wherein guests get a lifetime chance of experiencing the ever enigmatic culture of tribal people. Guests will even get to enjoy special tribal food and also see special tribal dance and songs. But all these of course will come at a very hefty price. In case if you don’t have that, then enjoying only majestic view of this Palace will still make your trip very memorable.

Shivani Temple

This immensely unique temple is located in the very heart of Kanker city. What makes it unique is the special deity that resides here – the deity of Goddess Shivani Maa. This deity is actually combination of two Goddesses, namely Durga Maa and Kali Maa. And there are just two temples in entire India that have such distinct deity. The one is in Kolkata and other being this very temple in Kanker city. Getting a chance to visit such a rare and unique temple is indeed a lifetime opportunity, which obviously no one can afford to miss – especially if you’re a religiously inclined person.

Malanjhkudum Water falls

Waterfalls in Kanker
Malanjhkudum Waterfalls

Abound with bounty of nature, Kanker region not surprisingly has quite few beautiful waterfalls. One of them happens to be Malanjhkudum Water falls. The special thing about Malanjhkudum Water falls is that it doesn’t constitute of one but three waterfalls – all of them located at one place itself. Making this place really unique and rare. And what is even better, these three beautiful waterfalls are not located very far away from Kanker city either. To put it in approximate number, they are located just 15 kms away from Kanker city. And it is owing to its proximity with Kanker city that it is one of the most popular picnic spots among locals as well as visiting tourists.

Charre-Marre Water fall

This is another one of the most famous waterfall of Kanker District. It is located near Antagarh Town, which is located some 75 kms away from Kanker city. The far away location of this waterfall may demand lot of travelling, but trust us when we say it that anything for this waterfall is simply worth it. you too will agree to this when you witness the enchanting beauty of this waterfall. This waterfall, in other words, has to be in your tourist destination list.

Gadiya Mountain

This is actually a fort mountain that once served as capital of Kanker region. This fact is sufficient to tell you the immense historical value of this mountain. And there are even few worthwhile things at this mountain fort that can help you to relive its glorious period. These few worthwhile things are sonairupai water tank and a huge cave located nearby this tank. Here it is important to mention that sonairupai water tank is indeed a unique water tank. Its uniqueness being that it never ever gets dried.

And now about the most worthwhile thing, which will make your trip to this mountain really fulfilling and memorable. This worthwhile thing being the amazing panoramic view of Kankar district that you can enjoy from top of this mountain. And we can assure you that the view is absolutely breathtaking.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Kanker

Kanker is not a urban cosmopolitan city. In fact it is even far from being a semi urban city. This must be sufficient to tell you that modern entertainment amenities like shopping malls, night clubs are completely nonexistent here. But if you’re someone who loves exploring new things or has curious bend of mind, then Kanker has even more interesting things to offer to you. The unsurpassed beauty of its deciduous forest and lifetime chance of exploring tribal culture can make up for enthralling experience for any discerning tourists.

Where to Eat in Kanker ?

Restaurants in Kanker
Restaurant in Kanker

Here there is no dearth of good restaurants that can fill up your appetite with some really delicious food. But one restaurant that clearly stands out for its consistent customer satisfaction is Makri restaurant. This restaurant is actually part of the luxury hotel – Makri Hotel - that is located on mid-way on the Raipur - Jagdalpur Route. It provides delicious cuisines in all types of food – traditional Indian cuisine as well as multi cuisine. But we highly recommend you to its mouth watering kheeri. This is one item that is immensely popular with customers.

Food Zone
Address: UP Down Road, Kanker H O, Kanker - 494334
Phone no: +(91)-9893950002 / +(91)-7868-223300

The Royal Treat Restaurant
Address: C/O Makri Hotel, Raipur Jagdalpur Road, Kanker H O, Kanker - 494334
Phone no: +(91)-9501123513, 9981120099

Sonai Rupai Restaurant
Address: C/O Hotel Sonai Rupai, Kanker H O, Kanker - 494334, Near Ctjw Collage, Singarbhat
Phone no: +(91)-9753262135, 9826532123 / +(91)-7868-241636

Makri Hotel – “The Punjabi Dhaba”
NH 43, Raipur Jagdalpur Road
Kanker 494334, Chhattisgarh INDIA
Monile : 9646400900, 9501123513, 9981120099
Email –

Where to Stay in Kanker ?

When you get to enjoy luxurious accommodation at a price that doesn’t really burn your pocket, then you ought to feel very delighted. Well, much to your delight Kanker city does have decent number of such budget luxury hotels. Names and addresses of all these hotels have been provided below.

Kanker Palace
Address: P.O. & District : Kanker, Chhattishgarh-494233 INDIA
Phone no: +91-7868-222005, +91-94252-26506, 94252-59129

Hotel Lake View
Address: UP Down Road, Kanker H O, Kanker – 494334
Phone no: +(91)-7868-223300, +(91)-9893950002

Hotel Ashish International
Address: G E Road, Bhilai, Kanker – 494337
Phone no: +(91)-7868-2296542, +(91)-8109000067

Hotel Lovely Palace
Address: G E Road, Bhilai, Kanker – 494337
Phone no: +(91)-7868-2223226, +(91)-9907885782

Hotel Sonai Rupai
Address: Singarbhat, Near Ctjw Collage, Kanker H O, Kanker – 494334
Phone no: +(91)-7868-241636, +(91)-9753262135

Neel Kamal Lodge
Address: Kamta, Kanker – 494665
Phone no: +(91)-8686107141

Roshan Lodge
Address: Antagarh Road, Bhanupratappur, Kanker - 494669
Phone no: +(91)-7850-252218, +(91)-9406083920

How to Reach Kanker ?

There is no direct way to reach Kanker city. Because let alone having an airport, Kanker city doesn’t even have a railway station. Hence the only way to reach Kanker city is to make a break journey through capital city of Raipur, which is located some 130 kms away from Kanker. Both these cities are very well connected via private/state run buses as well as private cabs. As for connectivity of Raipur city is concerned, then Raipur is directly connected to almost all the important cities via flight as well as railway.

Travel Tips for Visitors

  • Experiencing tribal culture can cause some cultural shock. But try your best to show immense respect to their native culture
  • Don’t take the risk of carrying too much of cash, as Kanker does have decent number of banks and Atms
  • Female tourists are advised to dress modestly. Especially if they are visiting any religious destination
  • Be discreet while commenting on anything related to religion and caste.
With the help of above information we can surely claim that Kanker tourism offers very distinct experience that is brought forth by many beautiful waterfalls and riveting culture of tribal people. And not to forget the lifetime chance of visiting one of the rarest and unique temples of our country. Well, there are more than enough compelling reasons to visit this place. A unique place that is unarguably one of the hidden gems of Chhattisgarh state.

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