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Utility Services in Kanker

Efficiency of utility services is always directly determined by prevailing economic condition in the city. This is actually to say that whichever city boosts well developed economy is more likely to offer efficient utility services to its citizens and vice versa. In case of Kanker city, its local economy is yet to witness any prudent economic growth, which is why most of its utility services are still far away from working at optimum level. This, however, should not lead readers to assume that utility services are lying in abysmal condition. They are certainly not. Below is detailed information about what actual condition of each and every utility services and how they are serving local people.

Healthcare Services in Kanker

Hospitals in Kanker
Healthcare in Kanker

While today quite decent numbers of hospitals are operating in Kanker city, but none of them boost ultra modern or advanced medical infrastructure. However, their medical infrastructure is definitely efficient enough to perform many general operations and surgeries, which they quite diligently and efficiently perform. But unfortunately all their efficiency still cannot make up for glaring absence of multi or super specialty hospital. Now coming to basic healthcare services like chemist shops and general clinics. It is heartening to know that Kanker city has no dearth of either of these basic healthcare services. Their all round presence across the city obviously means that local patients or general people alike never have to worry about accessing life saving drugs and receiving treatment for general health problems. Besides, decent presence of pathological labs has also ensured that general diagnosis tests like blood test and urine tests etc are also available to local patients. The city, however, as of today does not have any advanced diagnostic scanning center.

Shri Ram Hospital
Address: Main Road, Kanker H O, Kanker – 494334
Phone no: +(91)-9926847488

Mother Mary Hospital
Address: Udhay Nagar, Kanker H O, Kanker – 494334
Phone no: +(91)-7868-222387, +(91)-9926843503

Mani Pathology Lab
Address: Sen Chowk, Main Road, Kanker H O, Kanker - 494334
Phone no: +(91)-9425261826

Abhilasha Pathology Laboratory
Address: Antagarh Road, Bhanupratappur, Kanker - 494669
Phone no: +(91)-9981258678

Mahamaya Pathology Lab
Address: Cinema Chowk, Main Road, Kanker H O, Kanker - 494334
Phone no: +(91)-9981311563

Transport Services in Kanker

Local transportation in Kanker plainly comprises of decent number of auto rickshaws. This is actually to say that besides auto rickshaws there is no alternative local transportation in the entire city. No city bus or cab service whatsoever. Add to this fact that existing number of auto rickshaws are also just about decent enough – as has been already mentioned above. This is obviously not a very optimistic scenario. The only practical solution to this prevailing problem is to increase number of auto rickshaws. This we say is practical solution because introducing full fledged city bus service or cab service in economically weak city like Kanker is almost realm of impossibility.

Safety and Security in Kanker

Kanker in Chhattisgarh comes under ‘red corridor zone’. Red corridor zone signifies those areas or regions that are under naxal threat. However, till date naxals have never succeeded in casting even shadow of problem in Kanker city, as their threat has been restricted to deep interiors of Kanker District. But looming threat of naxals does keep local police forces of Kanker city on their toes. And if you keep this lone looming threat aside, then Kanker’s law and order situation can be termed as pretty stable, which actually has always been the case.

Superintendent of Police: (07868) 222059, 222959
Town Inspector: (07868) 222211
Additional SP:
(07868) 222042
Police Control Room: (07868) 222119,100

Banking Services in Kanker

Bank branches in KankerToday Kanker city does boost a very large number of bank branches. Most of these branches compromise of public sector banks, while private sector banks are very far and few in between. The minimal presence of private banks clearly signifies banking sector in Kanker city has still not evolved into profitable industry. This said, the decent presence public sector banks at least have managed to completely integrate Kanker city into india’s banking sector. What this simply means is that today Kanker citizens are enjoying same modern banking services that citizens of all the well developed urban cities are enjoying. This includes services like making/receiving online payments, enjoying flexible current/saving accounts, quick disposal of loans etc.

State Bank of India
Address: Beside Om cycle stores, Amapara. Kanker – 494334
Phone no: (0768) 222981,
IFSCI code: SBIN0030499

Punjab National Bank
Address: Latti Para, National Highway, Kanker - 494334
Phone no: 07868- 241070 – 9425590186
IFSCI Code: PUNB0610600

Union Bank of India
Address: Near LIC Office, Janakpur Ward,,Main Road, Kanker – 494334
Phone no: 07868-2410-241055
IFSC Code: UBIN0555771

Canara Bank
Address: Rathore Complex, Gilli Chowk, Main Road, Kanker - 494334
Phone no: 07868-222207,
IFSC Code: CNRB0003482

Postal Services in Kanker

Courier Services in Kanker
Couriers Services

With very minimal presence of private courier companies, traditional India Post is still the most dominant postal service provider here. But given the choice Kanker’s locals would surely want increased presence of private courier companies in their city. But going by the current economic situation this possibility looks highly unlikely to materialize in near future, but in distant future one can be certainly hopeful. Till then Kanker’s people will have to be contend with traditional India Post services and few private courier companies.

Madhur Courier Service
Address: Bhanupratappur, Antagarh Road, Kanker H O, Kanker - 494334
Phone no: +(91)-9424129032

Pushpak Courier
Address: Main Road, Kanker H O, Kanker – 494334
Phone no: +(91)-9826153073

Madhur Courier Services
Address: Main Road, Opposite To HP Gas Services Bagbahara, Kanker H O, Kanker - 494334
Phone no: +(91)-7868-222410, +(91)-9993255665

Petrol and LPG Gas Supply in Kanker

Kanker city does have quite decent number of petrol pumps and gas agencies to fulfill the critical need of petrol and LPG gas. It is thanks to them that today Kanker is so self sufficient in supply of petrol and LPG gas cylinder. This in no way means that this city does not need more of them. Adding more numbers to existing petrol pumps and LPG gas agencies will only make local people’s life more convenient. Here we’d like to stress that there is more need to push up the numbers of LPG gas agencies, as they are comparatively less available than petrol pumps.

Kothari Petrol Pump

Address: Near State Bank of India, Kanker H O, Kanker – 494334
Phone no: not available

Balaji Diesels
Address: Puri Road, Charama, Kanker H O, Kanker – 494334
Phone no: +(91)-9425266621

Dhruv Highway Services
Address: National Highway 43, Village Makdikhuna Kanker H O, Kanker – 494334
Phone no: Not available

MAA Durga Petrol Pump
Address: Pakhanjore Camp, Kanker – 494776
Phone no: +(91)-9424134786

Telecom Services in Kanker

Today Kanker city is completely empowered by mobile and internet technology. This is to say that today this city is completely connected to rest of the world via mobile and internet services. The only flip side is that there are comparatively less mobile and internet service providers in the city. But whichever few mobile companies are providing services here are considered amongst India’s top mobile companies. Besides, these few existing mobile players are expected face some healthy competition from new entrants in coming years, which will obviously help in improving mobile services further. As of today services of only BSNL, Idea, and Vodafone enjoy pretty strong network here. As for internet service is concerned, then modern day 3G and 2G services are available all across the city. The strong availability of 3G and 2G internet services will surely help in bolstering the local economy.

The definitive conclusion that we can draw from all the above information and fact is that efficiency of most of the utility services is far from satisfactory level. Here existing deficiencies in healthcare and transport services are far more pressing, as they are the most critical service for any city or region. To put in simpler words, this city needs far more number of hospitals and auto rickshaws. Development in these two critical services can even lead to desired growth in other services like Banking, Postal services etc. However, all this can not be possible, unless Kanker economy starts charting path of higher and sustained economic growth.

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