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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Kanker Pincode / Post Office Search (KANKER, Chhattisgarh)

Abhanpur B.O 494335KankerChhattisgarh
Amoda B.O 494333KankerChhattisgarh
Aturgaon B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Badal B.O 494333KankerChhattisgarh
Bagodar B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Baijanpuri B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Bewarti B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Bhainsakanhar B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Bhanbeda B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Bhansuli B.O 494333KankerChhattisgarh
Budeli B.O 494335KankerChhattisgarh
Chawad B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Chinauri B.O 494336KankerChhattisgarh
Chiprel B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Dabena B.O 494333KankerChhattisgarh
Deori B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Devinawagaon B.O 494333KankerChhattisgarh
Dhanelikanhar B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Dhanesara B.O 494335KankerChhattisgarh
Dudhawa B.O 494335KankerChhattisgarh
Dumali B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Dumarpani B.O 494333KankerChhattisgarh
Geetpahar B.O 494333KankerChhattisgarh
Govindpur B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Haradula B.O 494336KankerChhattisgarh
Hatkarra B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Hatkongera B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Jamgaon B.O 494333KankerChhattisgarh
Jepra B.O 494336KankerChhattisgarh
Junwani B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Kanharpuri B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Kanker H.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Kanker Kutchery S.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Khairkeda B.O 494336KankerChhattisgarh
Khartha B.O 494336KankerChhattisgarh
Kishanpuri B.O 494333KankerChhattisgarh
Kodagaon B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Kokpur B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Korar S.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Kotalbhatti B.O 494335KankerChhattisgarh
Kotela B.O 494336KankerChhattisgarh
Kottara B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Lakhanpuri S.O 494336KankerChhattisgarh
Makdisingrai B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Manpur B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Mardapoti B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Markatola B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Marwadi B.O 494333KankerChhattisgarh
Mavlipara B.O 494335KankerChhattisgarh
Mode B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Murdongri B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Murvend B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Narharpur S.O 494333KankerChhattisgarh
Nathianawagaon B.O 494336KankerChhattisgarh
Parsoda B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Pataud B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Pidapal B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Potgaon B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Puswada B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Sahawada B.O 494336KankerChhattisgarh
Samtara B.O 494335KankerChhattisgarh
Sarwandi B.O 494335KankerChhattisgarh
Selegaon B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Sidhesar B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Sureli B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Talakurra B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Tarandul B.O 494670KankerChhattisgarh
Tarasgaon B.O 494336KankerChhattisgarh
Thema B.O 494335KankerChhattisgarh
Tuyegahan B.O 494336KankerChhattisgarh
Udkuda B.O 494336KankerChhattisgarh
Umradah B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh
Vyas Kongera B.O 494334KankerChhattisgarh

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